Lime Floors

Why do you need a lime floor?,
For the same reason you need breathable walls, you need breathable floors.

First thing to realise is that a lime floor is a much warmer and more comfortable material to walk and
live on than concrete. Cold concrete floors have been the cause of the drive towards under floor heating
and timber flooring, a lime floor is a far more comfortable material and yes you can still use underfloor
heating if you want. For a lime floor a deeper substrata is required, with the use of a breathable insulation
such as Lecca or hemp-lime. A DPC is not used as this will have the effect of driving moisture to the
walls and you will have increased rising damp in the walls. 

Donegal Quartzite                                Kilkenny Limestone                        Indian Limestone                              Indian sandstone

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Radon sumps and heavy aggregate


The breathable insulation

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235 -toormore-1907.JPG
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220 -toormore-1915.JPG
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225 - toormore-2206.jpg

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DunAbhainn 31220.JPG

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DunAbhainn 31180.JPG


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DunAbhainn 30580.JPG



Under floor heating can be used, but the substrata

and build up is quite different than for a concrete floor